Gene expression in lymphoblastoid cell lines was characterized in two independent datasets, one sample of 405 siblings using Affymetrix HG U133 Plus 2.0 chips (MRCA dataset) and the other sample of 550 siblings using Illumina Human6V1 array (MRCE dataset). All samples are Caucasian of British descendant. Among these individuals, 928 were also genotyped at >300,000 SNPs using the Illumina HumanHap300 arrays, with additional genotypes for 2 million SNPs in the Hapmap Project filled in using imputation. These two datasets together identified genome-wide significant cis and trans eQTLs for 14,177 genes. This website provide real-time analysis for any pairs of SNPs and transcription probes from the Affymetrix (MRCA) and Illumina (MRCE) platforms. Both single SNP and two-SNP conditional analyses can be done. Additional analyses stratifying by gender can also be easily achieved by choosing appropriate stratification options.
To do conditional eQTL analysis using MRCA dataset, please click MRCA.

To do conditional eQTL analysis using MRCE dataset, please click MRCE.

If you have a set of SNPs and want to identify genes associated with the SNPs, or want to identify the SNPs associated with particular gene's expression, please use our eQTL browsers at:

Instruction for the real time engine of eQTL

Baoshan Ma, Jinyan Huang and Liming Liang.(2014) RTeQTL: Real-time online engine for expression quantitative trait loci analyses. database: the journal of biological databases and curation.

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